Le Art Box proudly presents: GREEN


Jivviden 3/9/14

I certainly don’t claim to know much about why some concerts use garish lighting to illuminate the stage, but I have been told by many a photographer that if I added a little magenta in Photoshop (or, back in the film days, added a lens filter). Yeah, photography 101, right? Use white balance or lens filters to change the color of the lighting. Cool. Except, the show I saw was green. That’s like telling the musician that you don’t like rockabilly, so please play Mozart.

Oh, by the way, Hi. Welcome to Le Art Box, or The Art Box, as I wanted to call le blog you are reading, but that name was taken.

So, yeah. I make art or something. Also, you might find yourself glimpsing my neurotic side once in a while. Don’t be alarmed. I talk like a sailor, I love cats and pinups and music. I don’t understand people and I am starting to try not to. I throw tee shirts by night and make copies by day. I am probably the most boring person you will ever meet, but like I mentioned, I am a neurotic, so sometimes I’m fun. Someday I will finally print my “Spaz” tee shirt and wear it proudly.

All right. So that’s it for the introductions. Feel free to comment. Or not. Let’s do fun things.


What's your take?

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