An Art Box Archive Vol. 1


Reaching back in to the Art Box Archives 2011

Do you have a fascination with creepy trees?

Lakeview Cemetery 2011

Lakeview Cemetery 2011 (c) 

Because I do.  All the cool kids do.  *whispers* peer pressure …


And why wouldn’t I?  Hey, tree, thanks for all that oxygen you give me in order for me to live!


So, here’s the thing.  When was the last time you were outside?  I mean REALLY outside.  I don’t mean walking to your car.  I don’t even mean sitting on your porch with a cold beer and your feet in your kid’s kiddie pool.  I mean, really outside?


I almost walked right past this tree on my way out of Lakeview Cemetery because I was preoccupied with walking back to my car to start heading home.  I had already taken dozens of photos of the monuments and headstones and I was ready to leave.


But wait.  Before you think that this is an advertisement for the National Parks or something, let me tell you why I wanted to bring this up.


When I was a noob with my first Big Boy Camera, I went on a family vacation to Virginia Beach.  That was 13 years ago, and you know what I remember about the trip?  Not a damn thing.  Oh, I took rolls and rolls of film of all the family members that I went there with, I took some shots of the ocean and the beach.  I didn’t take a single photo of the beach house we stayed in.  I didn’t take any photos of the boardwalk.  Now, that isn’t to say that I didn’t take photos of the people I was with in the house or on the boardwalk, because I did that, but the little things, the tiny details … I missed all of them.


Yes, I was a noob.  I *sort of* have an excuse, but I wanted to bring this up because I hope that you, my wonderful Art Boxlanders, will take a lesson from my preoccupied brain and stop and look at something beautiful today.  Even when you are at your lowest and you’re surrounded by garbage (this is a metaphor, don’t be in places where you are surrounded by garbage.  That’s filthy), there is beauty somewhere.  Try to find it.  Hell, take a photo of it.


Terra Vista Cemetery

Terra Vista Cemetery 2011


Random Old Barn

Random Old Barn 2011

Smelly Pond 2011

Smelly Pond 2011


What's your take?

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