The life is back! I can feel it!

Well, if you follow this blog, you may have heard a time or two that I hate May.  If you follow my other blog, then you may have read whole posts about it.

Well, things have changed a little bit, dear readers.  I no longer feel the sadness that used to come with May.  In fact, I feel pretty damn good right now.  WHY, you might ask?  Well, I have no idea.  Something I am doing on this wellness journey I am on is doing my brain some good, because I feel amazing.  I have even been taking the ol’ camera out for a spin.  I started a photo-a-day project on April 25.  Right.  I would NEVER start a project that close to May, because anything that I try to do in May will end in a fiery, miserable hell.  At least, that’s how things USED to be.  Not so much any more… well, it is only May 2, so let us not get carried away.

Anyway, I decided to check in here and post my photo-a-day photos.  Feedback is always welcome, so please feel free.  Please enjoy, and HAPPY SHOOTING!


The photo that started it all.  I have an ever-expanding collection of bandanas hanging from the wall in my bedroom, just waiting for me to pick out an outfit to wear them with.  I did a pinup photo shoot (I was the model, not the photographer… yeah, you read that right), and I had them in a bag.  I started unpacking the bag after it sat for about a week (I’m kind of a slob like that) and started hanging them back up in their spot when it hit me, just how colorful they are.  Honestly, I didn’t think that this was going to spark a whole “thing” but, feeling the weight of my camera in my hands while I took this photo resonated with me.  I didn’t want to put the thing back down ever again.

IMG_20150426_220326April 26. I AM MACHINE

This is the ceiling that I look at every. single. day. at work.  It is funny how you can look at something every day of your life and never think twice about it, and then you look up one day and you’re like “wow.  That’s kinda sweet.”  Well, this photo was taken with my camera phone, because I didn’t have my big boy camera with me that day.  I know.  Way to start a project and then not bring the biggest component to DO the project.  In my defense, I wasn’t sure how the management would feel about my big ol’ camera bag in the shop, and then I remembered, hey.  I AM management.  Honestly, I don’t care WHAT you use to get a shot, as long as you put some thought into it.  Shoot what you feel.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOUR ART TO ANYONE, WARREN.

*Empire Records reference.  Yeah, I went there.



I drive past this drive through car wash every day and I love how retro the exterior looks.  I took this at 9:30 at night in the parking lot, all the while trying to come up with my excuse for being there when the swarm of police that kept driving by were to stop and ask.  They never did, though.  Damned fuzz.  Or, you know, whatever they called cops back in the 50’s.

HOMEApril 28. HOME

I obsess over birds.  I love their freedom.  I wish I could fly.  Birds, cats, dogs… hell, any non-human creature, are SO PERFECT.  So, I am sitting in my new car taking in the scene, listening to the morning show on WMMS, and I look up at the bird house hanging off the garage.  PERFECT.  I take a series of shots, get one that I love, power down the camera and the car, put the camera in the bag, and that’s when a little sparrow decides to poke his head out.  Camera shy little guy.  🙂


My new car.  I miss Truckasaurus like I would miss a family member, but my new Kia Soul is pretty damn awesome.  Just a girl and her car.  I named him (yes, he is a him) Sodapop after my favorite character in literature, Sodapop Curtis.  I am a greaser junkie, absolutely.  I was born in the wrong decade.  This photo is actually a myriad of a bunch of my favorite things, Sodapop, my back yard, Maple Heights Mustangs (my high school, and the hoodie I am wearing), The Ghoul (my tee shirt), and my never ending LOVE of swishy pants.

20150430_204026April 30.

This one is a cheater.  I decided on this day that I wanted to profile something artistic that wasn’t photography.  It happens to be my project, dude.  I can do what I want.  Anyway, I have been wearing very dramatic, cat eye makeup basically my whole adult life, and I wanted to try something a little lighter and less … in your face.  I think I nailed it here, if I do say so myself.  So, yes, expect to see some of my non-photography loves also featured here.  I just have so damn many loves in life!  🙂


The reasoning behind this photo is ugly.  A woman I know likes to be nice to your face and then talk about you behind your back, and she happens to think that I am an attention seeker and that I wear too much makeup.  Well, I used her negativity and channeled it into this photo.  I have no more words for her, but I will say that I don’t know how I managed to get my eyes to look so dead.  When you love makeup as much as I do, vanity is easy. 🙂

So, that brings us up to today, and I am not sure what my photo for today will be, but I do have a Mad Hatter Tea Party to attend, so my guess is it will have something to do with that!

Happy creating, friends!






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