Le Artboxians.

I have been put in a predicament (of course).  I am back on second shift, the bane of my existence.  I can do first shift, I can do third shift. Second shift is NOT an option for me.  Second shift takes up the only part of the day in which the things I enjoy occur.  So, yes, I am mighty displeased with this.

In retaliation for this new news, my brain, otherwise starved of a single creative thought for the last few weeks, decided all at once to start coming up with new ideas and things.  Awesome.  Come up with good stuff as soon as I am stuck at work all evening with no time to work on any projects.  Yep, story of my life.

So I got it in my head that perhaps maybe, the universe is trying to tell me something.  Perhaps creative life isn’t the life for me.  Maybe it is time for me to give up this notion that I can live like an adult (read have a job) and still be able to create.  Well, in retaliation for that, my brain decided to stand up and grab a camera.  I was out at 5:30 this morning to light paint some of the hydrangeas that grow in my back yard.  At least, I THINK they are hydrangeas.  Feel free to correct me (because I really am not sure and would love to know what they are).

From Above So Below copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

From Above So Below copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey








So this one was super fun.  I really wanted to isolate those leaves and make them pop, and I feel like I accomplished that.  🙂


And this guy was hiding from me while I was shooting the flowers on the top sides of the leaves.  I think he wanted to pose for me, since he waited patiently while I got all my other shots first.  Either that, or he was sleepy.  Either way, I’m glad I didn’t disturb the little guy.

Hibernate copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey









And just like that, I have creative juices flowing again. So much for changing career fields, huh?  I guess that isn’t going to happen.  That’s probably a good thing.  If you can’t sit still at work without doodling or word playing in your mind, then you should probably not give up the creative outlets.  Besides, no one would want me to be their doctor or lawyer anyway.

My wordplay while printing 2nd grade booklets last night:

“Liar, Liar, Teller of Tales, still lost amongst your own breadcrumbs.”

I would say that is me 100%.

I don’t write here nearly enough, do I?  I am literally the worst blogger alive.  So, here’s a photo of ferns to make up for my general lack of communication.

Fern copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

Fern copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey


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