Nosferatu nostalgia.

FAKE WALK copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

FAKE WALK copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

Last night, I nerded out on a coworker about surrealism and dada.  I am quite sure that I don’t have to tell you that the above image is fake.  I started surrealing it up, because damned if I am not a surrealism fan, and I got about halfway through choosing images and compositing them and it was time to go to bed.  I know, I know, it happens to all of us.  Except for me it was 10:00 am because I sleep through the majority of the day-time hours and spend the rest of them at work.

I know what you’re thinking: “great.  Another post where Melissa complains about her work schedule.” To an extent, yes.  However, I am starting to see the correlation between mood and amount of time spent in the sun.  So, nuts to you, this is also a post about mental health, of which I sadly have little.  I have a lot of mental, just not a lot of mental health.

OF SAINTS AND SINNERS copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

OF SAINTS AND SINNERS copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

I guess you can ascertain that while I am living this vampire life and running out of new and exciting subjects to shoot in the dark that don’t require full-blown panic attacks by walking around the city in the middle of the night with all my gear, I have been writing long, run-on sentences and going through the archives. Neither of these images were shot in 2015 as the copyright would have you believe.  I did the edits/cropping in 2015 because there is little else to do at three in the morning.  The thing is, I am having a friggin’ blast going through these archives.  I am breathing new life into photos I haven’t even seen in a decade!  I shot that angel in 2004, I appreciated her beauty and I put her in a neg sleeve and that is where she has lived for 11 years.  Until now.  Now she lives on your screen and mine.  She has been seen!  I mean, the statue has been seen, I am sure, hundreds of times since … you know what, never mind.  You know what I meant.

It is hard to believe that there was ever a time before Instagram filters could make everything look lomo and old.  It is so damned easy to be artistic these days, I almost feel like I want to change professions and be something difficult.  Like a lawyer.  Or a doctor.  Then I remember that I don’t like guts and I don’t like bad-guys so here I am, writing a nonsensical blog about the photos I take.  Seriously, though, if you have found a point to any of this rambling, please fill me in.

AN ALMOST MADE UP PHOTO Copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

AN ALMOST MADE UP PHOTO Copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

How is it possible, with all of the advancements in technology, and all of the wonderful things that we can do with our photos now, that I and many other artists are going to the lomo thing.  Who is using toaster filters?  The above image was shot in a Mamiya 645 format film camera, most likely on Fuji Velvia since I was just about as obsessed with Velvia as I am with Polaroid 669, as a test shot.  Yeah.  I just wanted to make sure that the damn back was loaded properly.  So I have this positive image that I raked through Photoshop for hours (not hours. Maybe minutes, but not hours) to create this otherworldly, Polaroid-esque image of a dude I only met once in my life but wished I wasn’t such a puss and had actually SPOKEN to him.  He is a drummer.  I love drummers.

THE ROAD Copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

THE ROAD Copyright 2015 Melissa S Jeffrey

I watched them build this road for an hour.

Before you think I am a complete creeper, that is my cousin and my aunt and we were in Virginia on a vacation.  I had owned my SLR for approximately one month at this point, and this was probably the fifth roll of film I had ever run through it.  I often find myself staring at an image of someone else’s for hours wondering how they created it, whether I will ever be as good at photography as they are.  This photo, it isn’t great.  It isn’t.  This photo wouldn’t win awards, not any awards by today’s standards.  Today we have computers doing 98% of the work for us.  Today we have Photoshop.  Today we have automatic everything.  Today we have technology, and it doesn’t cost us nearly what it used to to get it.  But this photo is real.  This photo is perfection in the fact that it is a moment frozen in three lifetimes, four if you count the bird.  Where is that bird now?  Dead, probably… but not here.  Here he is alive and well and washing his feet in the ocean. Photography is another dimension. This photo is what photography is.  It isn’t awards, hell, awards are nice, but that isn’t what photography is.  Photography is a feeling.

I will always be that little blonde girl with the yellow tee shirt and red pants carrying a box of Polaroid film around.



So, that was fun… for me.  I’m sure that just bored the hell out of you.  I am still working through this anti-life lifestyle that I am currently stuck in.  I am still refusing to allow my job to suck all the creativity out of me.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I got two of the books I ordered from Amazon so I have something to flip through before work.



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