Listless Indifference.


This little guy is my reason for slacking the last two weeks.

He had my panic in such an uproar.  All last week I was falling all over myself and nervous, jumping out of my skin.  I was so worried about him and my sister.  My sister means the absolute universe to me and I couldn’t imagine anything happening to her, and knowing she was about to shoot a human out of her baby canon was a little nerve wrecking.  But, after 40 hours of labor for her and more adrenaline in my veins than I think I have ever experienced in my lifetime, here he is.  The perfect little thing that everyone was so anxious about.  He couldn’t possibly be more perfect and my sister is overjoyed.  Now that he is here and both mom and baby are perfect, I can get back to the business of photo taking and blogging.


Week 4’s challenge has not gone ignored.  I WILL accomplish it.  I will just have to accomplish it in week 6.


In the meantime, week 5 was to shoot black and white, which is my preferred method anyway, so this worked out well, and not to mention I had already shot all the photos I needed before I even knew what the challenge was going to be.  I should probably read the list ahead of time, right?

Anyway, there were so many from the doggie walk that Boyfriend and I went on on Sunday that I had a really hard time picking just one.  I am TERRIBLE at self-editing.  If you need proof, read back on the blog or reference the above “baby canon” statement.  Anyway, I chose two.  I chose twelve, but I narrowed it down to two.  Most of the ones I wanted to include here would be considered too close to “portraits” to not call them the week 4 challenge, and I didn’t want to confuse them.  So, I left those out and will post them in their own blog post some other time.


Tiny was all too excited to sniff all the sniffs on the walking trail, so it was rather difficult to catch her relatively still.  Good for her.  Sniff all the sniffs, girlfriend.  That’s what life is all about, after all.


INTO THE WILD-webINTO THE WILD (C) 2016 *REVERIE* Melissa S Jeffrey

I normally just sit down and type whatever the hell comes in to my mind while I write on these posts, but for some reason today I have typed four paragraphs right here and have deleted them all.  I guess I just don’t have words today.


I feel really alone right now.  That’s really weird.  I think it’s that damn photo up above.

Until next, friends, make love and images. XO







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