Have you ever…


WE ONLY HAVE TODAY 2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

…stopped in your tracks because something that you actually see every day will once in a while hit you like a bag of rocks?  It happened to me over the weekend a couple of times, one such time being while I was coming back in the house after running out to grab some food.  My first instinct, naturally, was to run in the house and grab my camera, but something stopped me from doing so.  I just sat my ass down on the porch and stared for a few moments … before running in the house to grab the camera.  I am actually glad my brain went dumbfounded for a moment because the clouds rolled a little while I was waiting and the image in the camera is actually more interesting than the original view that I saw with the sun blinding part of the image.  That’s the thing I love most about photography, the seeing of things.  Hey, that may sound dumb, but I have had many a person in my lifetime ask me why I see everything, that goes for things they don’t want me to see as well as things I point out to people who have that same “wow, that’s a view I see every day but I am just now seeing it like this” kind of moment.


I promised that I would get a headshot and I did.  It wasn’t the one that my brain wanted, which means the humming will continue until I get it, but I did manage to get a headshot… week 4 is done.  Well, it’s doner than it was last week.  I’m nowhere near done with it.  But it is satisfied for the time being.



FACEBOOK 2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

I love candid photography… I mean, I would LOVE to just shoot pics all the time of folks, but they are usually really off put by me doing that, so I don’t.  I know, I know… bad photographer.  I’m well aware.  That’s the problem with a person obsessed with candid photography who also happens to have social anxiety.  I would rather just avoid the “did you just take a photo of me???” conversation all together.  I’m a pansy.  I know it. But I am NOT afraid of shooting covertly:



POOL 2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

Buuuuuuuutttttttt…. it doesn’t really qualify as a “headshot” so it doesn’t really satisfy the challenge… unless I pull the “artistic” excuse card, and then I could put a photo of a cow utter up as my headshot and explain it away with big, fancy art words.  I’ve done it.  Hell, I’ve done it here, during this challenge, on this blog.  🙂


So, I had a good weekend, obviously.  I went to Cleveland Print Room to check out the Greg Martin exhibit they have up on the walls (if you are in Cleveland, please do go check it out.  The man is brilliant).  He definitely does the kinds of things that I could only dream of in photography.  I guess the old alternative processes aren’t dead after all… just… almost dead.  Anyway, definitely check out his website if you can’t make the show.


I re-upped my membership at the Print Room, too, so hopefully I will start shooting more black and white film… perhaps even try some of those old alternative processes I so wish I had time/money/patience to do.



5 2016 *REVERIE* Melissa S Jeffrey



So, not a whole lot to report today aside from FINALLY satisfying the challenge.  I do, however, need to make the statement here that I feel like I am just satisfying challenges and not really putting any thought or time in to these shots… like next week’s is “candy” and I was like, “oh, candy, that’s easy…”



That’s the point in the word “CHALLENGE”…

So, I am going to put some real thought into this one.  I mean, how can I portray “candy” in a way that no one else would, right?  Isn’t that the idea?


Ideas.  I wish I could say that I had a great many coming to me right now, but alas, I don’t.  We shall see…

Week 7’s challenge is going to be really fun… tell someone’s story without showing their face.  I IMMEDIATELY knew what I wanted to do and I NEED to fucking DO IT.  I have had this idea in my brain for a year now and I just never asked.  I REFUSE to let this mortal die.  So, I need to make some “arrangements”…






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