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Untitled1-webUNTITLED1 2013 Melissa S Jeffrey


I have been on a roller coaster this morning.

We finally got some snow last night, and the drive from work was… whatever.  It’s snow.  Anyway, I haven’t really driven my car in the snow before, so it was a lesson, for one, and for another, a lesson in just how idiotic people can be when it snows.  Needless to say, my anxiety level has been a little on the high side, which is totally normal when there is a trigger like… almost dying.  At 60 mph.

This got me to thinking about how important anxiety really is… when there is a reason for it.  I am abusing the ellipsis again.  So much for that new year’s resolution…

Again, anyway, I started thinking about all of the pieces I made while I was going through what I can only describe as my own personal hell, and I remembered the drawing above.  Torpedoes, razor blades, pills, tears, and the never ending feeling of wanting to just fly the hell away from it all… I think that is where my fascination with birds comes from.  I really never get any feedback on my drawings, so I figured “why the hell not share them here?”  I mean, this is the correct forum for that, yeah?  I am also connecting my new Instagram account here (eventually), so if you are a user, please go on ahead and “follow” me.  You know, digitally.  Don’t actually follow me.  You would be bored.

So, as my mind drifts off on to unrelated things again, let me just bring the train on back around.

My plan was to go to the grocery store before work today and get the supplies I need for the week 6 photo challenge “Candy”.  Well, anxieties high as they were this morning, I didn’t go to the grocery store.  I will just have to do that another day.  In the meantime, however, I got to shooting some other things.


NOIR 2016 *REVERIES* Melissa S Jeffrey

I don’t do a lot of product shoots because, well, I don’t have a lot of interesting stuff.  I mean, everything I hoard is interesting to me, but most folks would tell me to throw it away.  Like, say, an empty perfume bottle.  Whatever, I do what I want.  (cough cough hoarder)




I was thinking about candy.  And then I ate a Starburst, and then I thought about candy some more.  I am much more inclined to do a fashion-type shoot for something like this theme, but this bottle of Fireball was pretty funny in fitting in the theme, right?  I thought so, and I am hilarious, so…

The idea is to take something uninteresting and make it interesting, right?  I mean, candy isn’t that interesting and I feel like the author of this challenge picked it because Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  What better way to celebrate love than getting fall down drunk on Fireball?  Besides, it was the shot of choice the night I met Boyfriend, so hey.  Why not?  OH and I met him on Halloween, the original candy holiday.  Oh, man, I can spin this in so many ways, but I won’t.  This is too much coffee.  Or Fireball.  No, coffee.  I have to go to work in 15 minutes I don’t have time to enjoy Fireball.

I was crawling around on the floor, shooting whisky bottles and laughing uproariously at my own humor, something I do more often than I should probably admit (no one else finds me nearly as funny as I do), and I happened to look outside and saw this:


I got pretty depressed.  Those poor birds.  It is too damn cold to be a bird right now.

Anyway, my mind started to wander, as it so often does, and I started thinking about all of the paintings and drawings I should post up here to get some feedback, or, I don’t know, whatever.  Somehow in all of that brain noise, something started to form.  I started thinking about how cool it would be to be a bird, and then how cool it would be if I could just be friends with a bird (I’m weird, shut up) and then I started thinking about bugs and things continued to spiral out of control and somehow I landed on this:

PET-webPET 2016 *MUSINGS* Melissa S Jeffrey

I don’t know who the woman is, it is another one of those “found” photos that I keep on stealing to make stuff and things out of.  It is a black and white mounted in this metal frame.  Someone in my family can probably identify the woman, but I really don’t care who it is.  This is the most recent in the pieces of… I don’t know what you would call this… art?  This is the most recent thing I made in Photoshop from images that I found.  There is the one before this that I posted already, and then I figured why not share a few others that I made recently that never made it to the blog:

GONE-webGONE 2015 *REVERIE* Melissa S Jeffrey

Once again, not a clue who this person is, but I find her and her teddy bear utterly terrifying so I took her face off and added some peeling emulsion.  Nothing fancy, but very “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-like.



And to be fair, the only “found” part of this image is the peeling edges, again with the glass plate negatives that I talked about already.  I scanned my hands on a Xerox 550 and the frog is a copy of a medical drawing in some textbook.  I was going to put him on a tee shirt… I still plan to.

I guess I have a thing for bugs.  But that is a post for another day.


As always, please feel free to comment, tell me how horrible (or better yet, how lovely) you find my “art?”… I promise I won’t go too mad.












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