Creatures of Habitat.

I told myself I didn’t have time for a blog post today.  Well.  See how far that went, do ya?

So, last week I took some photos for a Dogwood Photography Challenge week that had already passed and I had already fulfilled.  What can I say?  I had the idea but I didn’t have the time.  Anyway, since I am, in fact, pressed for time, which is to say that I am not scheduled to be at work until 2:00 but I am going in at 12, and it is currently 10:46… I will make this as brief as I can.  I know that everyone knows that means I will have a 2,000 word essay of nonsense and gobbledegook, accompanied by visual aids.

The challenge from THIS week, since I am already pressed for time, is what I shall cover first, mostly because I think I am going to one-and-done this one.  The challenge called for shooting someone in their natural habitat, and of course I either overthought it or underthought it.  I haven’t decided which yet.

I thought about people and pets and their natural surroundings, I thought about how I barely have time to do these challenges as it is, and there is no way I will have time to follow someone around during their day-to-day activities.  I thought about going downtown and doing some street photos, then I thought, maybe keeping it close to home would be wiser, and then I landed on “dude, WTH I don’t want to take photos of my boss at his desk, or my cat looking out the window (again), or any “natural habitat-y” kinds of things (because I got frustrated with the fact that I wasn’t having any original ideas).

Well, then an idea smacked me in the face with a chair.  OF COURSE there is a social commentary behind the idea I landed on, because WHY NOT?  OF COURSE it barely follows the rules of the challenge because WHY SHOULD I FOLLOW RULES?  And OF COURSE everyone told me not to publish the photos because I would probably get my IP pinged and all the cops in the city would show up at my door, but that’s fine because WHY THE HELL NOT?


I think the Facebook post sums it up nicely.

So, I shot, and I shot, and I got the idea out of my brain, which, honestly, has been my goal all along.


I think you can probably gather what the “social commentary” is, but I will go ahead and type it out real fast because I need to go to work.

I am guilty as hell of this, so this is certainly no judgement by me in any way, but where do people spend 97% of their time these days?  On social media.  I have been thinking about that a lot lately in my own life.  Why the hell would I be on Facebook when I could be reading a book, or going for a run, or perhaps (gasp) studying?  Right?  Because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my favorite Pinterest, have all become a drug in a way.  I feel like I can’t get through a single day without looking at social media.  Why?  If I had such an interest in someone’s life, shouldn’t I contact them?


Just so we are all clear on the matter, the blue and red powders depicted above are nothing but red and blue Pixie Stixx.  Which I intend to eat.  All of them.  **SUGARHIGH*


So, before any of this happened I was thinking about some other photos that I need to get out of my brain and on to paper, one of which I haven’t yet shot, and that is from the “Shadows” challenge from last week.  Well, I had a few minutes before work one day and I managed to shoot some others that I wanted to do for the “Faceless Portraits” week but ran out of time to do before the challenge week ended.  I am trying REALLY, REALLY HARD to not leave ideas unborn in my skull, so I revisited the topic and managed these:


STORIES ALWAYS END ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey


FACELESS ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey


VICES ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

I have a feeling I will be revisiting a lot of old topics in this challenge.  Why not, right?  It isn’t as though I am actually participating in it along with the others, I am just doing it on the sly for my own purposes.  I have, however, decided to start writing down topics on little scraps of paper and picking randoms out of a box when this challenge is exhausted so I can continue the project beyond the 52 weeks.  This is fun.  I am really enjoying having a reason to pull the gear out every week, since I couldn’t seem to give myself a reason before.  This has been good for me so far.

Well, folks, I am about to be late for work if I don’t leave right now so, it’s been fun as always.  Please feel free to comment or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see all the other goofy stuff I do.

Before I leave, I want you to think long and hard on a topic that has been bugging me for about 12 hours now…

If you could be anything, and time/money/skill/talent/competence were all already acquired and you didn’t have to work to get there, what would you be doing?




Of course.


I guess I found my calling, yeah?







What's your take?

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