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2015_1226 Left Coast Riff Raff-web

LEFT COAST RIFF RAFF ©2015 Melissa S Jeffrey, Venice Beach, California

The Riff Raff has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I just needed a smiling bird face to start my day, and I thought maybe, perhaps, you did too.

As a matter of fact, this post is just an archives post because I haven’t shot this week’s photo challenge yet, but I wanted to get a post up regardless.  This week’s Dogwood Photo Challenge is “landscape: reflections,” which normally would not be a problem for me to shoot, as I am ALWAYS looking at reflections, so I figured I didn’t have to rush out this weekend with the camera to get it done and out of the way.  Sometimes, I like to savor the moment… only sometimes.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of my photo’s titles are also song titles or lyrics from songs.  If a photo that I am editing in post reminds me of a song, that’s what I name it.  Like this one I edited today:


NEVERMIND ME ‘CAUSE I’VE BEEN DEAD ©2015 Melissa S Jeffrey, Hale Farm and Village

See, I used to shoot concerts.  I used to shoot as many concerts as I could shoot without any magazine or newspaper affiliations, I suppose I should say.  This basically means that my shooting was limited to which managers or bands were feeling generous, or local bands, which was also pretty damn fun.

These are from a local band called “The Perfect Guy” that I shot back in 2003.


BEGIN ©2010 Melissa S Jeffrey, Megachurch at the Jak of all Trades Festival


DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHY YOU STILL LOVE ROCK AND ROLL ©2003 Melissa S Jeffrey, Viva Caramel, The Grog Shop, Cleveland

I loved to shoot locals, but I think I had the most fun hunting down the media creds for national bands.  I didn’t get to do a lot of them, mostly because I always put the job ahead of the passion.  I am working on that… this blog is a major assist in that realm.  Anyway, I was trolling the archives in search of “reflections” and I found these and I abruptly aborted the original search, for shame:

From The Airborne Toxic Event at the House of Blues in Cleveland in 2011.  I realize how much I miss that.  Concert photography was one of the defining factors in me buying up in gear and finally taking the plunge into the SLR realm back in 2001.  I wanted to record the feeling that music gave me.  I guess I didn’t realize at the time how difficult it would be to get the passes to the shows that I really wanted to shoot.  I can’t complain, though, I was introduced to a world of Cleveland bands that I never would have found on my own, and some of my fondest memories of concert shoots came from the local shows.  Either way, my anxiety disorders combined with my job and the late hours I worked all the time pretty much squashed that dream.  Somehow I keep finding myself on the late shifts… destiny?  Who knows…

Anyway, enough about that.  That’s depressing.

I posted about HDR photos and how indifferent I am to the trend.  I often realize how quickly I jump to conclusions, so I figured I would give HDR a 100th chance to win my love. I have some photos that I took at Hale Farm and Village on a photo adventure with my best girlfriend Hez, which I hadn’t edited yet.  I know, I know.  Bad photographer.  The thing is, October in Cleveland is pretty fucking gorgeous without any post processing, so there wasn’t a whole lot of editing needed.  However, that being said, I decided to give HDR another go.  These are using the HDR functions in PS, without combining multiple exposures, so keep that in mind… I suppose these could be better, had I planned to make them HDR to begin with.  Anyway, those are here:

THROUGH THE GLASS-webORANGE-webRED-webSTORMS-web2015_1018 Farm-web2015_1018 INGRESS-webBLACKSMITH-web

ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT ALREADY.  These are pretty cool.  I will admit when I am wrong.  I maintain, however, that there is a time and a place for it and it isn’t on every shot.  Some stuff just “works” and some… well, some it just doesn’t.


Score 1 for HDR.

I still think they were beautiful before the edits, though.  But I am a Clevelander, so I am a little biased to our autumn display.


I should be back at some point this week with the Dogwood Challenge post.  I may not be able to shoot the photos until the weekend, which means I won’t be able to post until Monday morning, but I promise I will try.  🙂  I also promise to add more posts from the archives… I am beginning to realize how many photos I have that I never thought were publish-worthy until now (see what depression can do to you?  It’s not pretty).


Until next, my friends,



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