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Environmental portrait_Staples Lead Life-web

Environmental Portrait.  50 hours a week…

I mish-mashed a few weeks in to one post because…


I was just having a little fun with the ol’ Big Boy Camera in between trying to get these Dogwood Challenges shot.  

Let me start with this, I have a beautiful image in my mind for week 11, “Reflections.” There is a flooded parking lot near Boyfriend’s house where geese love to hang out, and since I love geese and the week’s challenge is reflections, I figured that would be perfect!


Apparently, the geese have other ideas.

Not to worry…  I haven’t been sleeping well the last few days, so yesterday morning, on about 4 total hours of sleep in the last 48 hours time, I decided to go chase down a damn waterfowl so I can fulfill this week’s challenge.  Whatevs.  That’s how I roll.  Here birdy, birdy, birdy!



Environmental Portrait AND Shadows.  A two-fer!

I wound up at the park by my house.  There was a cop in the parking lot probably wondering what the hell I was doing, stalking geese and all.  I also decided that I am somewhat glad and somewhat sad that I have a filter on the things I say/think.  I think my favorite explosive thought of the day was “WHY WON’T THESE DUCKS COOPERATE WITH ME?” because how hilarious would it be if I just yelled that out of nowhere, at like, Target?

I am still lacking sleep.  I keep dozing off, so this will be a short post but will take a really long time to finish… pardon the bad jokes.



Environmental Portrait.  Feets.


Maybe I over compensated on shooting already lapsed challenges because my goose friends jumped ship.  I don’t know.  Either way, these were just for fun.  Now on to ornithological bidniss…



WAKE 2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

I imagine the author of the challenge was expecting sweeping landscapes reflected in bodies of water, or street photos shot through windows… I reckon that because that’s what I picture in my mind.  I will probably still shoot all those glorious images eventually, but I am really trying to get these things done on the week they are supposed to be done.  I am a slacker by nature, after all, and when I start to slip up, I tend to landslide.  That being said, I am drastically running short of time for this week and will probably not get to shoot all of those glorious images until later… alas, I must have something for show and tell, so, birds.


CHOP 2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

These were not the geese I was looking for *insert cheesy Star Wars joke accomplished*

A goose is a goose is a goose, though, yeah?

HOWEVER, the image in my mind is very tranquil waters reflecting the image of the goose.  I want a fog across the water so that the goose is just barely in focus, and an otherworldly look to the photo.

I got chop.

So, not only were the geese being completely uncooperative, so was the wind.  Ah, for the love of photography, amirite?  Either way, that wasn’t gonna stop me from stalking geese and making pictures.

A rogue mallard decided to break away from the pack and waddled his way up to the rather DRY parking lot.  I started to think, as ducky got closer to my car, of how I could spin this as a reflection of the park and the duck on the side of my car.  I don’t know if you know this, but ducks don’t like to be followed and they certainly don’t like to be followed by bright red Kias.  I scratched the reflection in the car idea and waited for the little guy to waddle his way back to a puddle, all the while taking his sweet ducky time and shaking his tail feathers at me…



WADE 2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

It isn’t the exact image that I had in mind, but I love it regardless. Unfortunately, he wasn’t too keen on me getting closer or shooting low (not sure why he kept running away every time I squatted down to shoot at a low angle), but he stood still long enough for me to shoot and that’s okay by me.  Is it weird that I wanted to take him home?  Naaaaahhh.



BAUBLES 2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

On a total side note, I had 1,000,000 ideas for still-life shots with reflections, but the challenge asked for a landscape and I figured I should probably follow the rules at least once in these 52 weeks.  Meh.  Rules shmules, amirite?


This photo has already been shared here, but… reflection…  pfffft rules.  It’s not that I don’t *air quotes* understand the challenges, it’s just that I don’t like rules…


And that’s all she wrote, peeps.  I am starting to become delusional from lack of slumber so I need to get my bipolar ass to bed STAT.  Why can’t I be wide the hell awake when I have laundry to fold or something?

I already did the laundry.


Anyway, until next we meet, friends of the Art Box,





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