The Long and the Short of it…

Hey folks,

So, I have slacked on the Dogwood Challenge a wee bit for a couple weeks… my subject for the high key portrait week (last week) was in the hospital (she is home and doing much better now, HOORAY!!) and I had a few other ideas in mind, but really, I was just preoccupied.  BUT that’s okay because to make up for it and to make sure I gave you guys SOMETHING to look at, I shot Mo.HANDSOME

He tends to be the subject of a lot of my shootings.  I don’t think he minds… much.

HIGH PITCH HIGH KEYIMG_6207Though I prefer the non high-key version.


He’s just a handsome boy.


Since I slacked so hard these couple of weeks (though I fully intend to shoot these subjects at a later date) I also went back through the archives a little bit and found some other high key examples that aren’t portraits.

Some of these have been featured on the blog in the past, but, meh.  Why not, yeah?


So, then there is the week that we are currently in, which is a landscape, zoomed in.  I am still trying to get myself on the HDR train, and I did shoot this photo two weeks ago with the intention of using it for this week’s challenge, so I suppose it counts… good thing I was being proactive that week (for the first time ever, probably).


I’m still not sold, but I am getting closer.  As in, I see about as many potentially awesome HDRs in my collection as the flops.  I’m getting there… I’m only about a decade (OR MORE!!!) too late on the trend.


FOLLOWThis photo is from the Trinity Cathedral in downtown Cleveland, and to be honest, I like it. I didn’t remove the blue trash can yet, when I do, I think I will like it even more HAHA!


This was a shot from a few years ago when my BFF Hez and I found ourselves in YET ANOTHER graveyard, because we seem to ALWAYS find ourselves in a graveyard…HOME III

Yeah, it definitely adds a “I’m taking a photo of a farm house from inside a graveyard” kind of drama when you HDR it… So… Score one more for HDR.


And then I come across one that’s like “DAAAAAYUM that one REALLY works!”


So… yeah.  I promise I didn’t skimp on the shooting of these two weeks on purpose.  As soon as my subject is feeling better (and agrees to letting me shoot her) I will shoot her and post here.  As for the zoomed in landscape, hey, it’s only Friday… I still have a whole day.


But don’t count on it.


I’m going to a concert tonight I will probably be hung to the over all day tomorrow.


Until next we meet, friends of the Art Box,

~Melicious J~


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