Metal and Mourning.


Utensils 2016

The Dogwood Challenge for this week is METAL.  I started this week already, when I was so ahead of the challenge game that I had time… I ran out of that as usual…

I have been fooling around in my mind with the topics in the weeks coming, and I have a few ideas that I am pretty stoked about.  Week 37 is fashion.  I already have ideas for that one (shot a few today, as a matter of fact) and I don’t want to have to wait for it. Considering it is only week 15 of the challenge… yeah.  I have a lot of wait time.   Also, using myself as a model is proving to be a lot more productive than I was being before, although I can see myself getting tired pretty quickly of seeing my own face all the time. Either way, this week is metal and I shot some of them here.

I am really, really, really looking forward to finishing (or following through) with the idea I had that I also shot this morning… I love the shots I got, but there are more, and they are a-bouncing around in the noggin today.  I just need to gather some more “things” and “thinks” (and a couple days where it isn’t cold and I can sit on the ground without getting mud everywhere) and I will be all set.  In the meantime, metal and mourning:


Tea ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey


Mealtime ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey.

LINES ii-web

Lines ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey


Plot twist, I’ve had this mourning-morning thing happening in the noggin for a little while now and I need to get it on paper.


I’ll take it by your side. ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

This one is incorporating the “shadows” shot I haven’t shot yet and the “high key” shot I haven’t shot yet.  I hoped that this would satisfy the buzzing in my mind, but nope.  My mind still wants the original shots, the “unborns.”  That’s fine.  I will get there.


Good Mourning Morning. ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey


Good Morning, Mourning.  ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

I knew there was a reason I needed a pill box hat.  I bought it a year ago… but I knew.  I mean, who doesn’t need a pillbox hat?

Anyway, I think from now on I am going to talk less and shoot more on this blog.  I don’t really have that much to say…

Until next we meet, friends of the Art Box,



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