Art Journaling and stuff.

I have been struggling for a while with the concept of translating my brain vomit in to art pieces.  This is a concept that seems to elude me for some reason.  I mean, that is the WHOLE POINT in creating art, yeah?

I have been journaling my entire life basically, to some degree or another, so I decided to start MAKING myself channel this brain vomit into art journal pages.  I can write pages upon pages of the things that are bringing me down, what I need to do is practice making those pages VISUAL.  Right?  Right.


Enter, Casual Calamity.  I took the idea of art journaling one step further (because I am me, and that is the kind of shit I do) and decided that this would ALSO be a good time to practice my Adobe InDesign skills.  Why not, yeah?  So Casual Calamity is a journal/art/magazine/place to vent/shut up who cares what I do in my spare time/thing that I am currently making.  It’s been fun.


Anyway, that said, and since I am also currently battling some kind of brain thing where I am edging up on a depression cycle (again… hooray.) I made a page that combined some of the visual things I have been poking around with with some text that I wrote because old journal habits die hard.



So, yeah.  I am having fun with some new things… I started poking around with watercolor again, and I tried chalk for the first time, so all is good over here.




Until next time,




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