The Life and Times of a Habitual Slacker.

Oh, hi.  Yeah, it’s been a long ass time.  Sorry about that……….




On the plus side, I have been creating A LOT of new work, which is always a good thing.  The down side, of course, is that I have only been sharing some of it, and even that “some” is only appearing on Instagram (@immortal_reveries) and on my personal Facebook page, which defeats the purpose of having a dedicated page for this blog altogether.  Right.  These are bad habits that I am working on.



Liar, Liar, teller of tales. June ’16 ©Melissa S Jeffrey



Life ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

I’ve been working on the seemingly never-ending task of digitizing my work from the past 16 years, and I’m not gonna lie.  It’s been fun.  Well, sort of.  My hero, Neil Gaiman, once said that he loves “having written,” and he loves to be “about to write,” but he doesn’t like “writing.”  I understand that.  I love having taken all these photos, and I love when I have an idea bouncing around.  Hell, half the time, I even love “photographing”… I just hate this part of it.  The scanning.  I love the taking and the editing but I hate the scanning.  I’m working on that.  I don’t like to hate.   Besides, this process is like a history lesson.  I get to see all of my disasters leading up to where I am currently.

chucks double exposure-web

Double Exposure ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

I’ve been getting back to my roots, actually.  Hell, I even spent an afternoon in the darkroom!  There aren’t many of us crazy film people left.  That makes me sad.  I’ve been more inspired by alternative processes, as well, and am, as such, creating one on the other computer as I write this… Oh, right… that “other computer” makes it a hell of a lot easier and more fun to work, too…

secret life of snails-web

The Secret Life of Snails ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey


Shadows ©2016 Melissa S Jeffrey

So, once again, I apologize for my lack of discipline.  It isn’t as though many people actually look at this blog, so really, I am apologizing to myself.  *wink*

And I just winked at myself.  I’m creepy.

More work to come, peeps.  I promise.

Au revoir mes amis!







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