Meanwhile … Later …

*Kudos if you got the Earthworm Jim reference in the title.  We can be friends.

Have not been doing much in the way of *new* shooting so that I can concentrate on learning more about surrealism and compositing because, let’s face it, if I want to be able to communicate what my brain is doing, it has to be as far away from reality as humanly possible.

So, here’s what I did, I parked my abundant and growing ass in a chair and I practiced on some old shots.

Here’s them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Edit* The bird and the amorphous blob/photo transfer are new.  The birds at the feeder in my yard bring me exponential calm, so I like to pop off a few frames when I see them (and the squirrels and chipmunks) scurrying around in the yard.  The amorphous blob was highly experimental and definitely a happy accident.


More to come.  I got an inkling to pull out the old “movie makeup” techniques last weekend, but I didn’t have time to process those shots yet.  In due time.

That’s it for now, this one was a short one.

Follow my abundant and growing ass on Instagram, by the way, where all these shots usually end up when I forget that I have a blog…





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